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The Dolphin Artist


Holm students study visual art through a curriculum based on the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and the Escambia County Visual Arts NGSSS Pacing Guides. This includes the study of art history and culture, art criticism, art aesthetics, and the skills necessary for the creation of art in a wide range of media. Students learn and practice skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and ceramics beginning in kindergarten. For more information on the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Visual Art, click the link below.

First 9-WEEKS in the Art Room

The first nine weeks in the art room will keep students busy learning and exploring the 7 Elements of Art: line, shape, color, space, texture, form, and value. Through creative expression, students will practice their drawing, painting, and printmaking skills, learn new techniques in each medium, and produce original works of art using Principles of Design.