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Reinhardt Holm Elementary School

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    Florida PBIS School
    Florida PBIS School

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    Cox Cable

    Essential for Every Child’s Education

    Cox Connect2Compete opens a world of opportunity for families that have a K-12 student and receive government assistance.

    Cox Internet  9.95

    NEW School Hours 2021-2022   7:30 am - 2:10 pm

                          Congratulations                                Dolphins of the Month!

    Addisyn Strickland- 4th grade (November)

    Elijah Adams- 3rd grade (November)

    Holm El. Student Events & Activities
    Title 1 Annual Meeting

    Exciting Things are Happening                                 at Holm Elementary!


    Below is Holm Elementary's  family compact.  If you have any questions or comments concerning our compact including anything you think should be added or deleted please email Ms. Fina at

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    Supply Shopping

    If you shop at Office Depot, please use our school number at checkout. We will earn credits for supplies in the future!

    office depot giveback
    CLICK HERE to print, or simply take a screenshot with your phone!

    Bus Drivers Needed
    bus driver employment opportunity